Corporate guide : Message from the President

Message from the President

KUMALIFT is loved by everyone, and 50 years have passed since its birth.
The start-up was when the founder eyed on its original dumbwaiters’ standardization in Japan. And that has popularized the products nationwide.
Afterwards, it has worked on large-scale elevators, and then entered into domestic version and developed home elevators, stairlifts.

KUMALIFT’s development perspective is to stand in the users’ shoes.
For passengers in wheelchairs, we have challenged, before, to reduce the gap between floor and a car down to approximately one centimeter.
It is solely to ensure that passengers in wheelchairs can cross the gap smoothly without risking the fore wheels being caught. And besides, we replaced the position of an operation panel in a car to the height where passengers in wheelchairs and children can use it easier. These are all now taken for granted, but those challenges derive through the eyes of users.

No change at all in standing always on the important perspective of developments, we, all together at KUMALIFT, along with its technology developed will strive to meet the customers’ expectations ever onward.

Tomoya Kumagai
President of KUMALIFT Co.Ltd.