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Message from the President

KUMALIFT is loved by everyone, and 50 years have passed since its birth.
The start-up was when the founder eyed on its original dumbwaiters’ standardization in Japan. And that has popularized the products nationwide.
Afterwards, it has worked on large-scale elevators, and then entered into domestic version and developed home elevators, stairlifts.

KUMALIFT’s development perspective is to stand in the users’ shoes.
For passengers in wheelchairs, we have challenged, before, to reduce the gap between floor and a car down to approximately one centimeter.
It is solely to ensure that passengers in wheelchairs can cross the gap smoothly without risking the fore wheels being caught. And besides, we replaced the position of an operation panel in a car to the height where passengers in wheelchairs and children can use it easier. These are all now taken for granted, but those challenges derive through the eyes of users.

No change at all in standing always on the important perspective of developments, we, all together at KUMALIFT, along with its technology developed will strive to meet the customers’ expectations ever onward.

Tomoya Kumagai
President of KUMALIFT Co.Ltd.

Corporate profile

Company nameKumalift Co., Ltd.
EstablishedOctober 7, 1965
CapitalJPY100 million
Employees 334(as of April 2017)
BusinessManufacture, sale, installation, and maintenance of lift equipment including elevators, dumbwaiters, welfare equipments, etc.
LicensesMinister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism
(General Construction Contractor) Machinery and
Equipment Installation License No. 622
Osaka Labour Bureau Safety License No. 15-1, 15-2, 15-3
Ishikawa Labour Bureau License No. 9
Registered Architect Office, Tokyo Governor
Registration No. 36482
MembershipsJapan Elevator Association
Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Kansai Association of Corporate Executives
Kansai Economic Federation
Japan Business Federation

Tomoya Kumagai, President
Hiromi Sato, Director
Hideyuki Kosaka, Director
Masato Matsui, Director
Hiroyuki Teramoto, Director (Part-time)
Kazuhisa Miyamot, Auditor (Part-time)

Major customers Government agencies, construction or welfare related contractors and others
Head OfficeOsaka Headquarters
1-12-20 Kyomachibori, Nishi-ku, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture 550-0003
tel. 06-6445-6700
fax. 06-6445-6780
Branches Tokyo Branch
Hon-ikeda Bldg., 3-35-9 Higashi-Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo 110-0015
tel. 03-3839-1500
fax. 03-3839-1611

Tohoku Branch
1-18 Rokuchonome Nishimachi, Wakabayashi-ku, Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture 984-0011
tel. 022-288-6000
fax. 022-288-0800

Kyushu Branch
1-8-18 Otemon, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka, Fukuoka Prefecture 810-0074
tel. 092-739-7760
fax. 092-739-7761

+38 sales offices
PlantIshikawa Plant
5-26 Kokufudai, Komatsu, Ishikawa Prefecture 923-0061
tel. 0761-47-4778
fax. 0761-47-4544
Facility R&D, Technical Center
7-2-6 Saito Asagi, Ibaraki, Osaka Prefecture 567-0085

Corporate history

The history of Kumalift is the history of elevator technology.
1930sGentaro Kumagai founds a company to pursue his development of dumbwaiters.
1956The company's postwar business is restarted.
1965Kumalift Co., Ltd. is established in Osaka to manufacture elevators.
1975Capital is increased to JPY37.5 million.
Kumalift Engineering Laboratory Co., Ltd.
1979Technical tie-up with Thyssen De Reus of the Netherlands.
1980Capital is increased to JPY 80 million. Kumalift develops the world's first
electronic control circuit for dumbwaiters. The company's headquarters
function is transferred to its Osaka Plant (Settsu City).
1982Electronic control circuits for dumbwaiters are replaced by microprocessor controllers in all models.
1984A synthesized voice function is developed for a "talking dumbwaiter."
Kumalift stays ahead of the times with the launch of small elevators, with a standard model for three-story, three-generation residences.
1985Capital is increased to JPY100 million. New products, such as a fully automated transport mechanism combining dumbwaiter and conveyer features, are developed.
1986Kumalift's installed elevators pass the 2,000-unit mark.
1989In line with Ministry of Construction policy, Kumalift develops its
Aisance elevator for private residences.
The Tokyo Headquarters is established to facilitate business expansion.
1990Kumalift's Operations Division is transferred from the Osaka Plant to the Osaka Headquarters in Suita, Osaka Prefecture.
1992Kumalift's residential elevators are certified as superior housing components (BL Label) by the Center for Better Living.
1994Phase One of the Ishikawa Plant is completed.
1996Kumalift's residential elevators receive ISO 9002 certification and BL Label certification as superior housing components.
1997Kumalift's Administrative Division is transferred from the Osaka Plant to Nishi-ku, Osaka as the Osaka Headquarters function.
1998Kumalift's elevators and welfare facility lifts receive ISO 9002 certification. Launch of Jiyuuseikatsu straight rail seated stairlift.
1999All Kumalift products (excluding OEM products) receive ISO 9001 certification. Launch of Jiyuuseikatsu outside curved-rail seated stairlift.
2001Launch of Jiyuuseikatsu inside curved-rail seated stairlift.
2002Launch of Jiyuuseikatsu outdoor seated stairlift.
2003Phase Two of the Ishikawa Plant is completed. Launch of Jiyuuseikatsu narrow gauge straight-rail seated stairlift.
2005Launch of a new Kumapet unit-type dumbwaiter with optional automatic cart door and curved-corner cart floor.
2006House of Happiness is completed in Komatsu, Ishikawa Prefecture.
Kumalift develops a freight elevator that does not require a machinery compartment. Kumalift Corporation is established.
2008Launch of a next-generation dumbwaiter with revised design and easy-operation features.
2009Launch of Jiyuuseikatsu seated stairlift with an even more compact, minimum-gauge rail (improved curved-rail type) and the world's first lift up/down feature.
2013Launch of Jiyuuseikatsu seated stairlift for installation on outdoor curved stairways (outdoor curved rail). R&D and Technical Centers are established at Saito, Ibaraki, Osaka Prefecture. Kumalift Engineering Laboratory Co., Ltd. is transferred to R&D Center.
2014 Kumalift Co., Ltd. and Kumalift Engineering Laboratory Co., Ltd. merge. Kumalift Co., Ltd. and Kumalift Corporation merge.
2015 It became a member company of a group of SECOM Co., Ltd.
2017 Merger of Kumalift Co., Ltd. and Kumagai Industry Co., Ltd.

Important Note

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