Products for facilitie*

* Facilities in general, including restaurants, factories, office buildings, public facilities, etc.

  • Dumbwaiter
    Small size elevators for service use.Kumalift has the biggest market share in Japan.
  • Freight elevator
    Freight elevator
    Wide variation available for selection to suit the application.
  • Small size passenger elevator
    Small size passenger elevator
    Realizes safety,low costs and a more compact design.
  • Wheel chair lift
    Wheel chair lift
    Wheelchair lifts that can also be used where a slope cannot be installed.

for home use

  • Stair lift
    Stair lift
    A chair-type stairway elevator that is safe and can be used easily by anyone.
  • Home elevator
    Home elevator
    We have pursued safety, comfort and convenience.

Important Note

Products contained in this web-site are sold in Japan only and are designed suitable only for use in Japan.